Dine-In FAQ

Will you still offer curbside takeout?

Yes, we will continue to offer curbside takeout during our new operating hours.  We have designated curbside parking spaces in our parking lot near the alley behind the restaurant and Birdie's Market.  Look for the red flag and curbside signs.

We will not have servers monitoring the parking lot to take driveup orders - you must call to place your order. Please call 830.693.2344 or 830.693.2444 in advance to place your order.  When you arrive, please call to let us know you're here.  We will ask you what parking space number you are in, which is indicated on the parking sign, and how you will pay.  We will send someone out with your food.  They will also be your cashier. We accept cash, check, credit/debit card.  Our card readers also accept contactless payments like ApplePay.

How many people can dine-in, right now?

Our local building inspector and fire marshall met with us to measure our space and offer guidance on maintaining appropriate social distance with tables.  Our 50% capacity count is 84 people. This does not include employees.  We cannot sit more than 6 people at a table at one time.

What happens if you reach capacity?

If we reach capacity, all customers will be asked to wait outside.  We cannot maintain appropriate social distance and allow customers to wait in the hallway.  We will have a host at the back door with an iPad to take your name, party size, and phone number.  Once a table is available, you will receive a text notification that your table is ready.   While you wait, we ask that you maintain social distance outside or stay in your car.

Where can I sit if I dine-in?

We are using the "old" dining room and the "new" dining room for seating.  The main dining room, including the counter with bar stools, is not be available for seating at this time.  There are signs on the tables and booths that are not available for seating.  

We know that some of you have favorite spots, but we want to remind you that we are following orders from the state on capacity and social distancing.  We're doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We respectfully ask that you not request to be seated somewhere other than where the host takes you.

Are you serving your full menu?

We have expanded our menu from our original curbside menu; however, not everything is available.  We are trying to ease our way back in to full-service dining and keep things streamlined while reducing food waste.  We continue to evaluate and make changes regularly so make sure you check our menu page often.  

What are you doing to keep dine-in safe?

All of our employees are pre-screened before working a shift.  Their temperature is taken, and they answer a list of health questions before they are allowed to work.  All of our employees are required to wear masks and gloves while working.  Gloves are changed regularly between customers. Cleanliness and sanitation have always been our strong suits, and now we are even more vigilant.  All employees have been trained on proper-handwashing and food handling.

We have hand-sanitizer readily available throughout the restaurant.

You will be given a disposable, paper menu to review once seated.  Each menu is thrown away after it is used. You may also view our menu electronically, by visiting: www.bluebonnetcafe.net/limitedmenu

Silverware, condiments, napkins, and other items will not be on the tables.  All of these items are provided upon request.  All condiments, including salt and pepper, are single-use, disposable, and thrown away after each use.  

All meals will be served on our regular plates and dishes with silverware.  We use a high-temperature, professional dishwasher to disenfect all of our dishes, cups, and silverware.  We are happy to provide plastic cutlery or disposable cups instead, if requested. 

Tabletops, table sides, seat bottoms, and seat backs are wiped and cleaned with a disposable towel that is soaked in a hospital-grade disinfecting solution.  The disposable towel is thrown away after each table.  We also have a designated employee for each shift that routinely disenfects high-touch surfaces like door handles.  The bathrooms are cleaned regularly and have touchless soap and towel dispensers.

How do I pay my bill?

To comply with social distance guidelines, all of our servers will be your cashier at your table.  We cannot have lines formed at the cash register to pay.  When the server presents you with your guest check, please let them know how you will be paying - cash, check, credit/debit card.  Our card readers also accept contactless payments like ApplePay.  Your server will handle the payment for you.

What exit do I use to leave?

Please exit the building near the cash register.  We ask that you not travel back through the hallway to exit the back door you came in.  We are trying to create a one-way traffic flow into the restaurant and back out.